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Gianni Fiorito

July 16, 2023 / January 7, 2024




From One man up to The Hand of God, from The Great Beauty to the television series The Young Pope and The New Pope: over twenty years of career narrated through the shots of Gianni Fiorito, the historic still photographer of the Neapolitan director. A path of fifty six photos starting from the characters, to switch to places, sets and backstage of Paolo Sorrentino's works.

 “The value of the photos in the Gianni Fiorito exhibition - says Enrico Magrelli, artistic director of Tuscia Film Fest - is clear and explicit. These photos arise from the great connection and complicity with Paolo Sorrentino and from the wise gaze of a great photographer. In years in which syncopated images, very often rough, imperfect, occasional, self-referred, approximate are flooding social networks and the web, photographs like these suggest to our eyes the ancient practice of discovery, of the quiet observation of details, of reading of faces and of the expressions and of understanding and reappropriation of the spaces”.  

Civita di Bagnoregio, the main tourist destination in Upper Lazio and one of the most visited in central Italy, hosts this photographic exhibition until January 7, 2024. The exhibition is organized by Tuscia Film Fest in collaboration with Casa Civita, Municipality of Bagnoregio and Italian Film Festival Berlin, which for the first time will retrace the history of Paolo Sorrentino from his first feature film to his latest, autobiographical, work. 

The Geological Museum of Palazzo Alemanni, which houses the exhibition, shows the history of resilience of Civita di Bagnoregio, in the continuous dialog between man and nature. An essential step to understand the reasons and problems of one of the most fascinating places in the world. In the various rooms we can discover the geological history of the area, the instability processes taking place on the slopes, the monitoring and stabilization works, the historical landslides.


gianni fiorito

Gianni Fiorito was born in Naples, where he lives and works.
Since 1980 he has worked as a photojournalist with particular attention to the complex reality of Naples, documenting, among others, the Camorra phenomenon and widespread illegality, the social and urban reality of the suburbs, the abandonment of the contemporary city and the transformation of the urban landscape. In the 80s he collaborated with the theater group False Movement directed by Mario Martone; he founded the association of artists Hydra Duarte and he also participates in it. Member of the Order of Journalists since 1990, starting an ongoing collaboration with La Repubblica and later with Il Corriere della Sera, produces reports from Italy and abroad for the major national newspapers.
Since 1997, he has collaborated in surveys and studies of the University of Naples “Federico II”; moreover, he teaches “Entertainment photography” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Recovering the old passion, since 1999 he has dedicated more and more time to the activity of cinematographic scene photographer. In this field, we can highlight partnerships with Paolo Sorrentino (One Man Up, Il Divo, This must be the place, The Great Beauty, Youth, The Young Pope, Loro, The New Pope, The Hand of God); Luca Miniero (Benvenuti al sud, Benvenuti al Nord, A boss in the living room, Non c’è più religione, Cops); John Turturro (Passione); Tonino De Bernardi (Appassionate); Vittorio De Seta (Lettere dal Sahara); Ivan Cotroneo (Kryptonite, One Kiss); Alessandro Siani (The Unlikely Prince, Mr. Happiness); Francesca Comencini-Claudio Cupellini (Gomorra - La serie); Daniele Luchetti (The Ties).



Paolo Sorrentino (Naples, May 31, 1970) is an Italian director, screenwriter and film producer. Considered one of the most important filmmakers of his generation, he is the winner of an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, four European Film Awards, a BAFTA Award, eight David di Donatello and eight Silver Ribbons. In 2010 he also made his debut in the literary world with Everybody's Right, a novel third classified at the Strega Prize in 2010. He has presented six of his movies at the Cannes Film Festival winning the Jury Prize in 2008 for Il Divo, a movie that was also nominated for an Oscar for best make-up.
In 2014 his film The Great Beauty won both the Oscar for best foreign language movie and the Golden Globe for best foreign language movie. It also won the BAFTA for movies not in English, four European Film Awards in 2013, nine David di Donatello in 2014 and six Silver Ribbons in 2013. In 2015 he wrote and directed his eighth moive (the second filmed in English) Youth (starring Michael Caine, Rachel Weisz and Harvey Keitel), winner of three European Film Awards including Best Film. In 2016 he wrote and directed his first TV series The Young Pope - which will follow in 2020 The New Pope - starring Jude Law, Diane Keaton and Silvio Orlando.
In 2021 he won the Silver Lion - Grand Jury Prize at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, with the movie The Hand of God, nominated for an Oscar as best international film from Italy.


di bagnoregio


Civita di bagnoregio

Civita is a district of 11 inhabitants in the municipality of Bagnoregio, in the province of Viterbo, Lazio. One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is famous for being called "The dying town" by the writer Bonaventura Tecchi, who spent his youth here.


It is located in the gullies valley, an area located between the Bolsena lake to the west and the Tiber valley to the east, in the municipality of Bagnoregio. It consists of two main valleys: the Fossato del Rio Torbido and the Fossato del Rio Chiaro. Originally, these places must have been gentler and more accessible and were crossed by an ancient road that connected the Tiber valley to the Bolsena lake.


 The morphology of this area was caused by erosion and landslides. The territory consists of two distinct formations by chronology and type. The oldest one is clayey, of marine origin and constitutes the base layer, particularly subject to erosion. The upper layers are instead formed by tuff and lava. The rapid erosion is due to the work of the torrents, atmospheric agents, but also to deforestation.

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Photographs by Gianni Fiorito
Museo Geologico - Palazzo Alemanni
Civita di Bagnoregio (VT)

July 16, 2023 / January 7, 2024
Mon-Sun, 10 am - 6 pm

Tuscia Film Fest
in collaboration with
Casa Civita, Municipality of Bagnoregio and Italian Film Festival Berlin